Astrology Planets in Pisces Sign

Below are natal chart interpretations for planets in Pisces sign.  It is the last sign of the zodiac, and probably the hardest zodiac sign to interpret.  This is because Pisces is a sign that rules things like compassion, emotion, escapism, illusion, creativity and mysticism.  These are traits that are hard to see in real life, and therefore difficult to fully understand, or imagine.

Mercury in Pisces

Because your mind is ruled by your feelings, you tend to make decisions based on instincts alone, rather than logic. Paying attention to the details of everyday life can be hard for you.

You’re very sensitive and sympathetic, which leads to you being easily hurt, making you moody and negative when you are. You can be shy, but once talking, make an excellent conversationalist who listens really well. You are artistically-orientated, have a great imagination, and probably a photographic memory. Music and art are things you likely enjoy.

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Venus in Pisces

You are a very warm, compassionate, and gracious person with a strong need for love and affection; without this you can feel lost. Falling into and out of love may be very common with you. You are attracted to people’s looks and personality, rather than their social status. Your ideal partner needs to be caring and supportive for you to be completely happy.

Because you are so sensitive you often get hurt. You may see your vulnerability as a negative trait, but this can be very attractive to some people. Your extreme emotional nature makes it easy to relate to art, poetry, nature, and music. It is possible you have special talents in these areas.

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Mars in Pisces

Not being that assertive, you like to go with the flow. You are likely to have careers where you are working behind the scenes, rather than in public view. You have intense and unpredictable emotions. You are more interested in helping people, rather than helping yourself.

Your sexual drive is not that high. Certainly, you are romantic, but in order for you to be satisfied, the greater need is emotional rather than physical. You need much intimacy, touching, and romance, otherwise you will just feel unloved. You probably have many romantic fantasies due to your terrific imagination.

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Jupiter in Pisces

You are likely to have careers where you are working behind the scenes. Being in the spotlight is not really for you; such positions include public speaking, manager, sales person, or anything else that requires you to be the center of attention. Being quite easy-going, you do not possess much ambition. You are inclined to support the underdog and may be too compassionate for your own good.

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Saturn in Pisces

There are deep feelings inside you linked with past experiences; this causes you to be fearful of certain situations throughout your life. By accepting and letting go of your past, it will allow you to develop more as a person. There is a tendency for you to lack self-confidence and to think negatively, rather than consider the positives of a situation. Also, you may feel obliged to help others, probably more than yourself. Your emotional problems may lead you to addictive behavior, phobias, or irrational fears.

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Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Pisces

These planets travel very slow though our solar system. Interpretations are for generations of people, rather then on an individual basis. Therefore, it is best not to consider these placements for natal readings.

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