Free Monthly Horoscope for People Born in 1992

Born in 1992? Want to know your Future?

Good! because I have written a predictive astrology reading for you below.  Your astrology reading covers topics such as love, career, friendships and more.  If you like this page, then please share it with family and friends.  Also, you may be interested to see my top rated astrology books.  If 1992 is not your date of birth, you can view others here.

What happened in 1992?

Before you read your predictive astrology reading for the year, you may be interested to know major events that happened in 1992.

  • 1992 is your birth year! along with celebrities such as Cardi B (Rapper), Selena Gomez (Singer), SSSinperWold (YouTube Star), Miley Cyrus (Singer), Demi Lovato (Singer), Erika Costell (Model), Nick Jonas (Singer), Sam Smith (Singer).
  • Mafia boss John Gotti is sentenced to life in prison.
  • Cartoon Network first airs.
  • Bill Clinton becomes U.S. president.
  • IRAQ Continues to hamper the efforts of UN Weapons Inspectors.
  • Prince Charles and Princess Diana separate.
  • Windows 3.1 released by Microsoft.
  • First Nicotine patch is introduced.
  • Aladdin, The Bodyguard and Home Alone 2 were top grossing films.


April horoscope


At some point during this month, you could have a falling out with someone you are close with.  Maybe they had said something to upset you.  It’s OK though, as it probably will not be long lasting.  You might feel like going out to party, but money is probably tight this month.     [Ref B]

If you have a partner, they will help support you through any issues you are having this month (assuming they are not the issue).  Don’t be surprised if you are feeling an increase in your sex drive this month too.

Overall, this month is likely to feel frustrating.  It might feel like a struggle to get your own way.  You are a good friend, who is always responsible and loyal.  But there have been times in your life where making friends can be hard, and you tend to be a loner at times.  Feeling part of a group is something you probably desire.  Maybe you enjoy being different from most people, but not everyone can relate.  Keep hold of the ones that can!   [Ref D]

Only read the statement below if you were born in February 1992

This is an excellent month to get out there and socialise, make new friendships and enjoy yourself.  You may also treat yourself.  Be careful not to be too indulgent or you may waste money.  If you are already in a relationship this is a great month to enjoy yourselves together.  Usually you have trouble expressing your feelings in relationships, but this will be easier this month.  You may also go out and do something different together.  If you are single then you will likely have a sudden romance, being quite unexpected.  The person you meet is likely to be unusual in some way.  You show your affections through actions, rather than words.  You are attracted to serious and goal-orientated people.    [Ref 3]


This month you can expect your mind to be challenged, and to be thinking hard about something.  Or maybe you are just having negative thoughts that is stopping you from being yourself!  Whatever the case, clearing past thoughts will help with your future thoughts.   [Ref A]

Only read the statement below if you were born in March 1992

Born in March 1992?  OK, great.  You may be in for a special treat this month.  It is hard to predict what you might be doing, because you like to do things differently to the average person.  Maybe something related to your love of music, poetry and art?   [Ref 5]


You enjoy working with a group of people, even though you are a loner at times.  You have probably changed jobs quite a few times in your life.  And you are not scared to do this again.  This month thoughts about getting a better job may cross your mind.  A chat with your boss this month about how you feel may help.    [Ref 1992A] 


Sorry, I did not find anything for April.


You will have an aura of confidence about you this month.  Make full use of this positive energy boast to achieve your goals.  You might have a chance to make some extra cash.   [Ref: 7]

Only read the statement below if you were born in May 1992

This month you will feel like treating yourself to clothes, drink and food.  Also, you will probably be out showing off your singing skills to friends or family.  Having a good time in general. [Ref 8]


This month you may receive achievement and recognition for your earlier efforts.  In the past you have likely put your scientific and inventive mind to good use.  This is the time to reap the rewards of your original thinking.  It is a great time to be enthusiastic and determined to achieve your goals.  You can expect good relationships and guidance this month with people in authority.   [Ref 9]


In order to do a good job, you feel like you must get some kind of feedback.  Well, you can expect some this month.    [Ref 1992B]

Only read the statement below if you were born in July 1992

The weather is good, and you are in the mood for walking, somewhere nice of course.  If you are already in a relationship, then some nice days out with your partner are likely.  If single, then maybe some online dates?  Actually, when it comes to dating you are very cautious, as you don’t want to get your feeling hurt.  The ideal partner for you needs to make you feel secure and safe.  It also helps if they are romantic too. [Ref 11]


You have been trying to save your money for something big.  Maybe it is a house.  Whatever you are planning on buying, it is a hot topic this month.      [Ref 1992C]

Only read the statement below if you were born in August or September 1992

If you are with a partner, then you could be planning on buying something together.  But trying to agree on what you buy has caused arguments.  This is a time to be careful you’re your money, as the way you spend it could affect your future.  You have very high standards when it comes to partners.  So, if you are thinking of getting deep into a relationship, then you need to be confident they really are for you.  [Ref 13]


Seems like your work is taking notice of you this October, and they may compliment you for something you done in the past.  You are very intelligent, as you think scientifically.  You are inventive too.  So, they are probably the traits they really like in you.   This is the time to reap the rewards of your original thinking.  You are building up good professional relationships with your co-workers and boss.     [Ref 14]


Only read the statement below if you were born in October 1992

Money will be tight this month, but that won’t be stop you spending money on things you enjoy, such as clothes.  You will also be planning things to do with your family and friends next month.  [Ref 15]


Only read the statement below if you were born in January or November 1992

This December has some exciting times in store for you.  Oh, and a very expensive one too! But it will be worth it.  Being a social person, you will be doing things most weekends.  And it will probably involve eating or drinking out.  If you are single, then your magnetic personality and great sense of humour is sure to catch someone’s attention.   [Ref 16]


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