About Planets in Signs

Interpretating planets in signs if one of the most basic steps in professional astrology.  In-fact you have probably done this many times without even knowing, such as interpreting someone’s star sign.  Let’s first explain what a star sign actually is. 

Lets first Start with Star Signs

Star is another word for a sun, and in astrology our sun is referred to as a planet.  When you look up into the sky you see many stars.  You can even find your away around the night sky using star maps which arrange the stars into patterns, known as constellations.  When looking at our sun from earth, the sun appears to move through particular constellations called the zodiac belt.  These are the 12 constellations you are familiar with, such as Aries, Taurus, Cancer, etc.  A star sign represents the constellation the sun was in at the moment and place of someone’s birth.  Someone with a Taurus star sign would have been born with the sun in the constellation Taurus, as viewed from earth.  Therefore, they would have a star or sun sign or Taurus. Below is an example of a natal chart. The zodiac signs are around the outside of the chart.

Planets in signs

Other Planets in Sign

Now that you understand the principle of star signs, lets talk about other planets in signs.  Imagine the positions of all the planets (including sun and moon) at the time of your birth.  If you were to plot this on a 360 degree chart, then you would clearly see the zodiac sign that each planet is in, at the exact time and location of your birth.  Such a chart is called a birth or natal chart.  It is basically an astrological blueprint of your personality.  The job of a professional astrologer is to unlock the secrets to your personality and life by interpretating the positions of the planets in your chart.   

What affects Planet in Sign Positions

Planet in sign data is the most essential data for you to rely on when interpreting a chart.  This is because it only relies on date of birth.  This means it is not effected by time, or even location.

How to Find your Planet in Sign Positions

  1. The easiest way to know your planet in sign positions is to generate a computerised natal chart.  You will then be able to see all the planets plotted onto the chart, within certain zodiac signs. Generate a natal chart by viewing my natal chart guide here.  It will tell you a lot of detailed information about natal charts in general.  Or you can just go straight to a natal chart generator here.
  2. You will notice that the chart you generate has a wheel on the outside containing the 12 zodiac signs.  Within the chart there are astrological symbols for the sun, moon and planets.  Each of these falls within a particular zodiac sign.    
  3. Next you need to interpret each planet in sign position.  For example, sun is in Taurus, Moon is in Scorpio, Venus is in Capricorn, etc.  You can view all planet in sign interpretations here.
  4. Now you have your planet in sign interpretations. This means you can interpret your own planet signs, or of family and friends.  Instead you could let us do the work for you and purchase a full natal chart interpretation from JKS Astrology.




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Posted on 14th February 2021 at 10:37 am

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